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Council Meetings

In accordance with the Local Government (Meeting Procedures) Regulations 2015 and sections 18 and 19 of the COVID-19 Disease Emergency (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2020 (the Act), notice is given that ordinary meetings of the Central Coast Council be held in accordance with the approved electronic manner (Zoom conferencing) prescribed for within the Act and will be made available on the Council’s website the following day. 


Public Question Time

Due to the current COVID-19 crisis and associated restrictions, this meeting will not be open to public attendance.  Members of the public who would like to ask questions to the Council, that would normally have been heard during the Public Question Time section of the meeting agenda, were advised to provide their question on notice to the General Manager by 3pm Monday 20th April 2020. 

Any questions received will be read out by the General Manager at the meeting and a response provided following the meeting.


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