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Action Plan

The Action Plan has been co-designed by the Working Group and is guided by the Framework’s five principles:

  1. People living with dementia are valued and respected members of the Central Coast community;
  2. Creating a dementia-friendly Central Coast is everybody’s business;
  3. Places, businesses and services are welcoming and enabling for people living with dementia;
  4. Community decisions response to the needs and aspirations of people with dementia and their carers; and
  5. Becoming a dementia-friendly Central Coast is a continuous process.

Ten priority ideas/actions emerging from a ’roundtable’ meeting of the Working Group held on Wednesday, 13 September 2017 are included.

The Action Plan is being implemented and the first year evaluation can be viewed below, or is available by clicking the green button:

Dementia-Friendly Central Coast - Action Plan Dementia-Friendly Action Plan 28112018

By working collaboratively to reduce the negative social impacts of dementia, we will make the Central Coast a safer, more supportive and vibrant community for everyone.

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