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What are the operating hours of the fountain in Anzac Park each day?

The Fountain operates in a cycle between 8.00am - 10.00am, 12.00pm - 2.00pm and 4.00pm - 8.00pm daily.

Can you dispose of household batteries?

A household battery collection trial is underway along the North West Coast. A container (bucket) is located at the each of the following Central Coast Council public collection points:

1. Council Administration Centre, 19 King Edward Street, Ulverstone;
2. Ulverstone Visitor Information Centre, 13 Alexandra Road, Ulverstone;
3. Penguin Service Centre, 78 Main Road, Penguin (Wed/Thu/Fri);
4. Penguin Visitor Information Centre, 78 Main Road, Penguin (Mon/Tue);
5. Castra, Preston and South Riana Transfer Stations;
6. Resource Recovery Centre, 106 Lobster Creek Road, West Ulverstone (at the toll booth).

Can the Council get rid of wasps?

Only on Council owned property. On private property people will need to contact a pest control person. Try the yellow pages of the Telephone Directory.

Does the Council supply animal traps?

The Council DOES NOT provide animal traps.
Cat traps can be purchased from most local hardware retailers.

How high can you build a boundary fence before you have to submit a plan?

The following fencing is exempt from requiring a planning permit:

i) side and rear boundary fences and retaining walls that do not adjoin a road or reserve or exceed a total height of 2.1m above natural ground level; and
ii) front fences and retaining walls that do adjoin a road reserve but do not exceed 1.2m above natural ground level and are not on a site listed on the Tasmanian Heritage Register.

The following fencing is exempt from requiring a building permit:

i) 2.1m high for a timber / colorbond fence;
ii) 1.2m high for a brick / stone fence.

If a boundary fence is shared by Council and a ratepayer does the Council share the cost?

The Council does not contribute to the fencing of roads (including car parks) and public reserves, unless:

(1) the car park is situated within the boundaries of the central business districts of Ulverstone and Penguin and the shopping centre at West Ulverstone as defined by a planning scheme; and
(2) the reserves and car parks [other than a car park referred to in point (1)] are land which is not open to the public generally;

• and in respect of (1) and (2) above and all other lands the Council contribute one-half of the cost of fencing;
• providing always and in every case that the Council is satisfied that such works are necessary.

Does Council trim vegetation encroaching from private property to private property?

• No.
• Council may however trim vegetation that is encroaching from council property to private property.

Reception difficulties - television?

If you are having television reception difficulties in your area click on the following link or phone Southern Cross Media on 1800 620 299 or Southern Cross television Devonport on (03) 6424 5011.

+ http://www.communications.gov.au/television/Reception-difficulties-television

Where can I find more information about noise in the community?

The Council’s Environmental Health Group have developed a Community Noise Fact Sheet that covers a range of useful topics and information.  To download the Community Noise Fact Sheet click on the green button below and if you cannot find what you are looking for, contact the Council by phone on: (03) 6429 8900.

Community Noise – Fact Sheet

The Noise Log Sheet is used over a two week period for noting down times, dates and other information that the Council needs to know when a person believes there is a noise nuisance.

If you believe you are experiencing a noise nuisance and wish to inform the Council, please fill out the Noise Log Sheet available for download below to support your claim and return in person or by email at: [email protected].

 Noise Log Sheet

Who do I contact in relation to a Liquor License?

The Department of Liquor and Gaming are responsible for Liquor Licensing. You can find out more information on this website: https://www.treasury.tas.gov.au/liquor-and-gaming/liquor/applying-to-sell-liquor/apply-for-a-liquor-licence.

Part of the Liquor Licensing application process is to assure that the applicant has the appropriate Planning Permits in place.  Please contact Central Coast Council’s Planning Department by phone on: (03) 6429 8900 or email: [email protected] for further information about this process.

Who do I contact regarding rabbit control?

Department of Primary Industries Parks Water and Environment: David White Head - Wild Animal Management Officer, email: [email protected]

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