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Local Economic Development Framework

An Economic Development Framework for Central Coast

Shaping our local economy from within

The Central Coast local economy is embedded within the regional and broader global economy. The fluid and overlapping nature of economic activity means it is difficult to delineate the local economy from the regional and global context.

Similarly, economic development takes place at different, often overlapping scales and in different contexts and jurisdictions. While still including the Council and other tiers of government, local economic development needs to include softer processes for engagement in a way that activates local assets and capability to provide the basis for timely collective action.

Council is one of many contributors responsible for achieving improved economic outcomes at the interconnected local and regional scales. This suggests that local economic development requires a more coordinated, integrated and adaptable / flexible approach that includes:

  1. An overarching framework to provide the context for economic development at both local and regional scales;
  2. An implementation plan for Council specific actions
  3. Grass roots – community led development designed to grow the local economy from within. This includes Council and the community working together, where appropriate, to initiate, incubate and implement solutions to current and future challenges and opportunities; and
  4. Regional engagement – identifying and leveraging opportunities to co-deliver actions to build economic productivity, competitiveness and sustainability at a more functional regional economic scale.

The Central Coast Local Economic Development Framework is intended to act as a roadmap or a strategic agenda to guide the Council’s direct contribution to transforming the local economy as well as providing a context to engage with local and regional stakeholders through an ongoing process of:

  • Assessing what is happening in the local economy and the key assets around which to build a local course of action;
  • Identifying specific outcomes and priorities and building a platform for direct Council action as well as engagement, consensus, coordination and cooperation with other key stakeholders to improve conditions for economic growth and employment generation; and
  • Turning strategy into action, including how to engage and leverage key available assets and resources that can be used to implement strategies.

A copy of the document can be downloaded from… Local Economic Development Framework-final