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Local Economic Development Framework

Economic development is the intentional practice of improving a community’s economic well-being and quality of life.  The practice of economic development comprises of a collaborative effort involving government, business and a range of community stakeholders.  Local economic development focuses on increasing the overall size of the economy, as well as ensuring the benefits of economic growth are shared across the community.

Focusing on Central Coast strengths and competitive advantages, the Framework harnesses the potential of our social capital and quality of place to drive investment and economic growth.  The Framework contributes to realisation of the Central Coast community’s vision of ‘living our potential’.  Creating sustainable competitive advantage by stewarding the potential of our social capital and quality of place to drive investment to grow our local economies can elevate Central Coast’s overall prosperity.

All levels of Government have a role to play in positively influencing economic development outcomes.  The Framework demonstrates the Council’s commitment to working within the context of the three tiers of Australian Government and alongside the local business community.  This commitment to continuous improvement will positively influence the business environment in Central Coast communities and can create sustainable competitive advantage to elevate prosperity for everyone in Central Coast. 

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Central Coast Local Economic Development Framework