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Project Home Consultation Activities Site Plan Progress

A consortium of highly qualified and experienced Marine, Geotechnical and Civil/Structural Engineering consultants were engaged by the primary consultant, Tasmanian Consulting Service to investigate the appropriate protection systems needed to meet the objectives of the project and then to prepare the designs and documentation sufficient to allow tenders to be invited for these long term works.

The result of the extensive investigations undertaken by the consultants and with community consultation in early 2019 collectively by Council and the Tasmanian Consulting Service on the aesthetics of the recommended works, the protection systems adopted are a combination of;

  • improved and additional rock revetments,
  • new verti-block retaining walls, and
  • modifications to the top of existing retaining walls.

between the mouth of Penguin Creek at the north-west, and the Lions Park headland at the south-east.

The works also include:

  • reconstructed beach access stairs and ramp,
  • new terraced beach access,
  • new beach access ramp, from Lions Park, suitable for emergency vehicle wheelchair access; and
  • extension of foreshore escarpment beside the access to Lions Park to allow widening of Lions Park access road, to provide two-way vehicle movement, and
  • new shared pathway, separated from road, for safe pedestrian and bicycle movement to Lions Park.

Community and key stakeholders once again had the opportunity to provide feedback on this exciting community project during the Development Application process in May 2020 with five representations received raising 29 matters for the development. Further information on these can be found in the Central Coast Council Meeting Agenda – 25 May 2020 document.

Council approved the Development Application at the 25 May 2020 meeting.

Stage B: Penguin Foreshore Remediation & Upgrade project | Information Session

Coastal erosion is not a static process. With construction well underway to protect Penguin Beach, Surf Club Point Headland at Lions Park continues to erode and Watcombe Beach is not immune either.

Approval from the Australian Government was recently received to use the remaining funds from what is now known as Stage A, into a Stage B of the Penguin Foreshore Remediation and Upgrade project.  The Council are hosting an Information Session on Wednesday 25 November between 6pm and 7pm at Dial Park to present and receive feedback on Stage B of the Penguin Foreshore Remediation and Upgrade project before the planning process is initiated.

The Information Session will outline:

  • Progress update on Stage A of Penguin Foreshore Remediation and Upgrade project;
  • Why do we have a Stage B of Penguin Foreshore Remediation and Upgrade project; and
  • Synergy between the Perry-Ling Garden Community Survey and Stage B of Penguin Foreshore Remediation and Upgrade project.

What comes from this Information Session, will complement the preliminary concept design and will be used to shape Stage B.