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Public Health Risk Activities

In accordance with the Public Health Act 1997, the Council has a responsibility to ensure that there are adequate systems in place to prevent the risk of cross contamination in premises used for skin penetration practices such as acupuncture, ear/body piercing, and tattoos.


Any person performing skin penetration practices must have a licence to conduct a Public Health Risk Activity and the premises where a Public Health Risk Activity is to be conducted must be registered.

The Council carries out annual inspections to assess the operation of those premises and the carrying out of those activities for compliance with the relevant guidelines.

To view guidelines click on the following links:


 Ear and Body Piercing (including dry needling and micro-needling)

 Tattooing (including cosmetic tattooing)


Application forms for both Registration of Premises Where a Public Health Risk Activity May be Carried Out and Licence to Carry Out a Public Health Risk Activity can be obtained from the upstairs service counter at the Council’s Administration Centre or to download and print a copy click on the following links:

   Registration – Public Health Risk Activity

  Licence – Public Health Risk Activity