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Central Coast Council is committed to working with residents to build stronger, safer and healthier communities. That’s why we’ve created a series of Community Conversations to give residents the opportunity to meet their elected members and raise local issues that are important to them.

Councillors and staff will be holding the following Community Conversations across the municipality in 2024.

Have your say

Community Conversations are a great opportunity to come along and talk about what is happening in each local area, swap ideas and information, and set priorities.

Residents will be given the opportunity to submit talking points prior to the event or contribute to the discussion during the event.  After the discussions conclude, councillors and staff invite residents to join them for light nibbles. 

Please RSVP and submit all talking points via email exec@centralcoast.tas.gov.au or 6429 8900 prior to the day of the event.

Previous Community Conversations 

Central Coast Council’s Community Conversations have been regular events since 2013. Ahead of each Community Conversation scheduled in 2024, Council will provide the community with an update on the actions that came out of the Community Conversations held in their local area during 2023. 

Below is a list of the talking points taken from the Community Conversations in 2023 and 2024


15 February 2024 – Riana Community Conversation


30 November 2023 – Sulphur Creek and Preservation Bay 9 November 2023 – Gawler & North Motton 12 October 2023 - Penguin 21 September 2023 - Gunns Plains & Preston 24 August 2023 - Ulverstone 22 June 2023 - Sprent, Castra, Nietta & Abbotsham 18 May 2023 - Kindred, Leith & Forth 20 April 2023 - Turners Beach 23 March 2023 - Heybridge & Howth 17 February 2023 - Riana, South Riana, West Pine, Cuprona, Camena and surrounds