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Community Centres and Halls

Central Coast has a number of country community centres and halls. Some of these halls are maintained by the Council and others are under the operation of a committee or community group.

Halls that are hired via the Council 

  • Sulphur Creek Hall
  • Turners Beach Hall

Email – [email protected]
Phone – 03 6429 8900

As noted in the Council’s Conditions of Hire Forms, celebrations of 18th or 21st birthdays are not permitted at Council facilities.

Other country community centres and halls that can be hired 

Click the red button below to fill in the Facilities Booking Enquiry Form.

Facilities Booking Enquiry Form
  • Abbotsham Hall
  • Blythe Heads Hall
  • Dial Park
  • Forth Hall
  • Forth Primary School – Performing Arts Centre
  • Gawler Hall
  • Gunns Plains Hall
  • Heybridge Recreation Ground
  • Kindred Hall
  • North Motton Hall
  • Penguin Masonic Lodge
  • Penguin Primary School
  • Penguin Scout Hall
  • Penguin Surf Life Saving Club
  • Preston Community Centre
  • Riana Community Centre
  • South Riana Hall
  • Sprent Community Centre