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From 1 November 2018, a smoke-free precinct will exist in the Ulverstone CBD. The smoke-free designation applies to the following areas:

  • Reibey Street
  • King Edward Street, between Reibey Street and Patrick Street
  • Alexandra Road, between Reibey Street and Main Street.

CLICK HERE to view a map of the area.

The initiative builds on current State legislation which bans smoking in enclosed spaces and workplaces; at sporting venues and near children’s playgrounds; and at outdoor dining places or near entrances to restaurants.

Existing Tasmania-wide legislation has been in place for some time regarding smoke-free areas as part of the Public Health Act 1997. You can view a copy of the legislation by CLICKING HERE.

Ulverstone becomes the first shopping precinct in Tasmania, and only the second in Australia, to become smoke-free. The historic initiative will make visiting the CBD a much healthier and sweeter-smelling experience, not only for shoppers and tourists, but retail staff as well.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions, however if your question is not below, or you would like further information, please contact the Council on tel. (03) 6429 8900 or call into the Administration Centre at 19 King Edward Street, Ulverstone.


How is the smoke-free precinct going to be policed?

The Council has nominated officers who will concentrate on making the public aware of their obligations. People who fail to respond to a request to extinguish their cigarettes will be fined. It is hoped the public will also help to regulate the issue. Under the Public Health Act, Police Officers are also nominated officers and can fine offenders.

Someone told me that the Council has no powers to get details from people to issue a fine. Is that true?

Under the Local Government Act, offenders do have to identify themselves to nominated officers, which includes both Council and Police Officers.

What about bus stops?

Bus stops remain smoke-free areas under the current legislation - you cannot smoke within 3 metres of a bus shelter on a public street.

What about e-cigarettes?

Smoking provisions also apply to e-cigarettes.

Why did you pick these streets?

Many parts of the commercial area of Ulverstone, including Apex Park, were already smoke-free areas under the Public Health Act. The designation of a smoke-free precinct eliminates confusion as to which areas are smoke-free and allows a consistent approach to be taken.