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Links & Resources

  ‘Central Coast Local Food Security Strategy’ Central Coast Council website.

  ‘Mersey-Leven Food Hub Network Mapping Report’ Healthy Food Access Tasmania website (The Heart Foundation).

  ‘Tasmanian Local Food Supply Project’ University of Tasmania, Medicare Local Tasmania and the Heart Foundation.

  ‘Food for all Tasmanians: A Food Security Strategy’ Tasmanian Food Security Council.

  ‘ Promoting Tasmanian Vegetables to Tasmanian Adults’ MacTavish West Pty Ltd, Eat Well Tasmania.


Made in Donegal is a short documentary set in Donegal County, Ireland. It focuses on the County’s growing local food industry. Producers, buyers, and advocates all speak out in the film in hopes to rebuild a sustainable local food model in Donegal.


Other Useful Documents and Links

+ Healthy Food Access Tasmania http://www.healthyfoodaccesstasmania.org.au/

+ SPROUT http://www.sprout.org.au/

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