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Round Two – Draft Master Plan

The draft Master Plan has been developed following some lengthy research and further consultation during January 2017. There are many materials to view and consider as the draft Master Plan has many different elements. The feedback period extends from Monday 27 February 2017 until Friday 21 April 2017 (8 weeks).

Please view all the material listed below and join in any of the many consultation activities that are offered to provide your feedback and contribute to the final Master Plan – [see Consultation Activities here].

Draft Master Plan Materials

The draft Master Plan comprise of the following materials:

PRG Plan 1 – Layout
PRG Plan 2 – Key Zones
PRG Plan 3 – Connections
PRG Plan 4 – Residential Zones
PRG Plan 5 – Commercial Zones
PRG Plan 6 – Civic Zones
PRG Plan 7 – Character and Materials
PRG Plan additional – Layout with landmark views

Background Research Materials

To review the summary of social research used to inform the master planning process click on any of the links listed below:

Summary Information – Civic and Community Hub
Summary Information – Open Space and Connectivity
Summary Information – Parking Provisions
Summary Information – Residential Development
Summary information – Tourism Development

For further details contact Greg Osborne on 6429 8976 or by email on penguinrecground@centralcoast.tas.gov.au.