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Water Quality

Drinking Water

TasWater supplies treated drinking water to the Council’s reticulated area and is responsible for the management of that water. Any issues or queries regarding the reticulated water supply should be directed to TasWater in the first instance.

The Council is responsible for monitoring the bacteriological and chemical quality of private water supplies used for commercial activities (e.g: food premises and accommodation purposes) as well as health, education and imprisonment purposes. Examples of private water samples might include tank water and water sourced from a dam, spring or bore. We also monitor water carriers (in some circumstances).

Both private water suppliers and water carriers must be registered with the Council. For further information regarding registration requirements, please contact the Council’s Environmental Health Officer.

Recreational Water

The Council also monitors recreational waters for physical, chemical and bacteriological quality. This is done year round for indoor facilities (such as swimming pools and spas) and during the summer swimming season (December to March) for outdoor locations (such as popular beach and river sites).

If the water quality does not meet the standard the Council may take action to protect public health, such as, closing a site temporarily or placing warning signs at affected locations.