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Aged Persons

Aged Persons Units – The Central Coast Council maintains a variety of aged persons units within the municipal area. The information sheet below gives a brief outline of some of these services.

  Aged Persons Units maintenance information sheet

The Council manages 77 aged-persons units – 52 in Ulverstone and 25 in Penguin.

The units are of the owner-donor type, with the premium buying a life tenancy of the units based on a term of 20 years. A refund of 5% per annum of the capital cost is made for any period of occupancy less than the 20-year period.

To give you an example, assume life tenancy is purchased for $80,000 but occupancy is terminated after 10 years, the occupant or estate would receive a refund of $40,000 (5% x $80,000 = $4,000 per year, 10 years x $4,000 = $40,000).

The actual cost for each unit is determined by valuation which is obtained at the time it becomes vacant. The premium for a unit could be expected to be between $80,000 to $92,000 – 50% of the value of the unit.

In addition to the premium, a weekly service charge applies. The fee is currently $80.00 per week (as at 1 July 2023); this fee is reviewed annually.

The service charge covers the following:

  1. water, sewerage and garbage collection charges;
  2. insurance of the building and fixed items;
  3. maintenance of the grounds of the complex;
  4. maintenance of the building, classified as fair wear and tear.

About the units…

  • Units are all one bedroom;
  • Ground level and of brick construction;
  • Units are within reasonable walking distance to the town centre of either Penguin or Ulverstone;
  • Complexes consist of two units up to 14 units;
  • There are 52 units in Ulverstone and 25 in Penguin – no units with garages in Penguin;
  • Garages are provided at some of the unit complexes in Ulverstone.

If a unit becomes available for you, the financial arrangements will be explained to you in detail at that time and a written agreement is provided.

For more information, contact the Community Services Officer, Community Services Department., Administration Centre, 19 King Edward Street, Ulverstone or phone (03) 6429 8900 to make an appointment.


Located at 51-55 Queen Street, West Ulverstone, Ganesway offers family-style accommodation for up to 10 elderly people who are able to care for themselves but may be in need of companionship and security.

The house has bedsitting rooms with ensuite and tea-making facilities, with a private entrance to each room. The dining room, lounge room, internal courtyard, laundry and gardens are for the use of all residents, their guests and the housekeeper. A guest bedroom is available for family and friends to enjoy an overnight stay.

Residents’ contributions are based on 85% of the aged pension and rental assistance combined. Contributions cover food, accommodation, power, heating and the employment of housekeepers. In addition, an entry fee of $2,000 is required for admission into Ganesway.

To be eligible for residency, applicants must be (amongst other criteria) on an aged or disability pension.

For more information, contact the Community Services Department by phone on 0408 201 381, or collect a brochure from reception.

  Ganesway Brochure