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Land Use Planning – Planning Applications

Current Planning Applications

The following list of Discretionary Development Applications have submitted to the Council for approval under the Central Coast Interim Planning Scheme 2013. The applications have been publicly notified in the newspaper, by site notice and advice by letter in accordance with section 57(3) of the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993.

Permitted developments are not included in the list of development applications.

The applications in this list are available as Adobe documents.

The full details of an application can be viewed at the Council offices at 19 King Edward Street, Ulverstone, during normal business hours (Monday to Friday 8.00am to 4.30pm).


The Land Use Planning and Approvals Act enables members of the community to make representations to the Council about a permit application.

The Council must assess applications against the Planning Scheme. In order to be relevant and able to be taken into account, representations should be based on matters related to legitimate planning grounds within the Planning Scheme.


A developer wishes to build a building with second floor decks that is 3 metres above the normal Acceptable Solution height levels within the Planning Scheme.

Council has received 2 Representations:

Mr and Mrs Smith raise issues with overshadowing and overlooking of their back ground level deck because of the height of the proposal. This would be a legitimate planning representation.

Mr and Mrs Jones raise issues relating to the proposed cladding material (rusty sheet metal) being considered offensive by them. This is not a legitimate planning representation as it is not a discretion under the scheme. Cladding of this kind could not be treated as a valid planning ground on which to refuse or modify the application.

Planning Schemes change often. You must ensure that you are familiar with the Scheme and take advice as appropriate to make sure that any representation you make is as effective as possible.  It is a public process.

Representations are kept on file with the application and form part of the public record; which must be presented upon request. We also publish representations on our website without exception.

What happens to my representation?

The Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993 requires that the Council take into consideration relevant (i.e. relating to legitimate planning grounds) matters in any representation when determining an application.

The Council will also consider the applicable Planning Scheme provisions.  It can approve the application with or without conditions, or refuse the application.  The Council can determine that certain modifications should be made to the proposal. This may be to reduce or remove any impacts on your property (i.e. a condition for screening of a deck to avoid overlooking). Such conditions can only be imposed if it does not substantially alter the proposal. That is the removal of an upper level of a house to minimise the impact of overshadowing could not be a condition.

If for any reason you wish to withdraw your representation you may do so in writing any time before Council determines the application. If you have made a representation, you will receive in writing, notice of the Council’s decision. If you do not agree with the decision you have the right to appeal to the Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal within 14 days. Information about appeals are available at www.rmpat.tas.gov.au or phoning (03) 6165 6792.

Anyone affected by a Discretionary development has the right to lodge a representation, either in support of or objection to the proposed development.

A representation should be in writing and should clearly state the reasons for your support or concern about the development. Representations must be sent to PO Box 220, Ulverstone, Tasmania 7315, or to [email protected]


Current Planning Applications


DA2020382 – Loongana Road, Loongana CT203742/1 and CT239623/1 - Residential – building envelope for non-required dwelling and two sheds – discretionary use and development in Rural Resource zone and reliance on access via a right of way and over Crown land. (10MB) [Notification expiry date – 14 December 2020]
DA2020386 – Hearps Road, West Ulverstone CT138845/1 - Residential – subdivision – additional lot to approved DA2018234 – internal lot and access via a right of way. (10MB) [Notification expiry date – 14 December 2020]
DA2020357 – 745 Forth Road, Forth - Residential – shed – variation to the building envelope and site coverage. (6MB) [Notification expiry date – 14 December 2020]
DA2020376 – 110 William Street, Forth - Residential – ancillary dwelling – conversion of part of shed to ancillary dwelling – variation to side boundary setback, disposal of stormwater, lot size and setback of sensitive use from agricultural land. (13MB) [Notification expiry date – 14 December 2020]
DA2020380 – 3 Racecourse Crescent, Turners Beach - Residential – garage – variation to the building envelope and proximity of garage to the primary frontage. (6MB) [Notification expiry date – 14 December 2020]
DA2020349 – 20 Beach Road, Ulverstone - Residential – dwelling – variation to the setback of development for sensitive use – re-advertised. (3MB) [Notification expiry date – 9 December 2020]
DA2020360 – 109 Penguin Road, West Ulverstone - Residential – second floor addition – variation to the building envelope. (3MB) [Notification expiry date – 9 December 2020]
DA2020367 – 21 Ocean Drive, Ulverstone - Residential – garage and internal alterations to dwelling – variation to building envelope and side boundary setback. (6MB) [Notification expiry date – 9 December 2020]
DA2020321 – 206 Preservation Drive, Sulphur Creek - Residential – replacement dwelling – variation to the building envelope, proximity to the Utilities zone and railway line and access via a right of way. (2MB) [Notification expiry date – 9 December 2020]
DA2020346 – 577B Preston Road, North Motton - Residential – dwelling, garage and carport – variation to the suitability of a site for on-site stormwater disposal and building envelope (9Mb) [Notification expiry date – 7 December 2020]
DA2020296 – 964 Preston Road and 978 Preston Road, North Motton - Resource development – subdivision – reconfiguration of boundaries (12Mb) [Notification expiry date – 7 December 2020]
DA2020323 – 81 South Road, Penguin - Residential – outbuilding – shed – variation to building envelope (8Mb) [Notification expiry date – 7 December 2020]
DA2020314 – 17 Wilmot Road, Forth - Residential – dwelling and garage – variation to site density, front boundary setback, building envelope, building height, proximity of sensitive use to Rural Resource zone and use of materials with light reflectance value greater than 40% (6Mb) [Notification expiry date – 7 December 2020]