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Sharps Disposal Service

“Sharps” are needles and syringes and other sharp objects of a medical nature. The Council operate a sharps disposal service that is available during business hours only for the free disposal of “sharps” containers for diabetics and home-care patients (but NOT for business activities such as medical practitioners, vets, farmers, etc.).

This service is offered to residents of Central Coast only and containers issued by other organisations will not be accepted.

Some exclusions do apply to the type of “sharps” that can be accepted by the Council and these include sharps contaminated with cytotoxic substances and radioactive materials. If you are unsure whether your “sharps” fall into this category, please contact the Environment & Health Group to discuss alternative disposal options.

Sharps containers can be exchanged at the upstairs service counter at the Council’s Administration Centre.

Loose “sharps” or “soft” containers will not be accepted and persons utilising this service must provide details for inclusion in the Council’s “Sharps Disposal Service” register.

Under no circumstances are “sharps” – type wastes to be taken to the Council’s resource recovery centre (tip) and/or transfer stations, or disposed of in the domestic refuse collection services.

For more information, contact the Council’s Environment & Health Group.