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Waste Management Collection Service

Waste Management in Tasmania’s Central Coast

As part of Council’s Waste Management Collection Services, fortnightly collections are scheduled for households between 6am and 4pm. Below is a list of collection days for some key Central Coast areas:

  • Sulphur Creek, Heybridge and Turners Beach – Monday
  • East Ulverstone – Tuesday
  • Ulverstone and Gawler – Wednesday
  • West Ulverstone, Forth and Leith – Thursday (except East of Queen Street, West Ulverstone – Wednesday)
  • Penguin – Friday (except South of the South Road overpass – Monday).

Kerbside Collection Schedule

From July 2024, the entire municipal area will move to the same fortnightly collection schedule. This means Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) bins will be collected one week, and General Waste and Recycling bins will be collected every alternate week within the fortnight. Click here to learn more about the reasons behind these changes. 
Residents who already have their recycling bins collected on the same day as their general waste bins will have no changes to their schedule.

This change to the Kerbside Collection Schedule is due to the Council joining the North West Resource Recovery & Recycling (NWRRR) group, to align with other neighbouring Council’s who have introduced FOGO.


Map of Collection


Waste, Recycling & FOGO Wheelie Bins 

The Council provides a 120 litre waste wheelie bin, a 240 litre FOGO wheelie bin and a 240 litre recycling wheelie bin to each residence. These are the property of the Council and must not be removed from your property. Below is a guide on how to help you sort your recycling, waste and FOGO. 

A-Z Central Coast Guide to Recycling, Waste & FOGO

Requesting additional waste capacity

Council understands that every residence has different circumstances and that some households produce more waste than others. This could be due to family size, animals or health factors. Another reason for requiring extra waste capacity could be for multi-unit complexes or non-residential uses. 

The great news is that now you can now apply for an additional 120 litre waste wheelie bin, or a larger 140 litre wheelie bin.

To request additional waste capacity, please download one of the below forms applicable to your circumstances and submit it via email to admin@centralcoast.tas.gov.au. Alternatively, you can drop it into the Ulverstone Administration Centre or Penguin Service Centre.

*Please note, a larger or additional waste wheelie bin is an extra service that the Council provides and will incur a fee. 

Form - Application for Additional Waste Bin Form - Application to Change Waste Wheelie Bin Size Form - Application to Change Waste Service for Units Form – Application for Non-Residential Waste Collection

Waste Collection

Aside from organic waste and recyclables, most other items can go into your general waste wheelie bin. However, below are some items that should NOT go in this bin:

  • Garden waste –  FOGO
  • Lawn clippings – FOGO
  • Medical waste – Contact Council

Please contact the Council for more information on how to safely dispose of medical waste. 

Recycling Collection

Recycling is such a fantastic opportunity to repurpose our recyclables and divert waste from landfill. It is a relatively simple process, that makes a positive impact on our environment. Here is a great video on Kerbside Recycling in the Central Coast of Tasmania

Some handy tips for kerbside recycling include removing bottle tops and rinsing out containers. Below are some great resources to help you understand what CAN or CAN’T go into your recycling bin.

All You Need to Know About Your Kerbside Recycling Kerbside Recycling Dos and Donts

You will also be able to find lots of handy information on the Rethink Waste Tasmania Website the Rethink Waste Tasmania and the following Fact Sheet – Where does my recycling go?

Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO)

The Central Coast Council introduced a fortnightly FOGO kerbside collection service for all residents in October 2019. Since introducing FOGO, Central Coast have been able to divert over 45% of waste away from landfill.  

Go FOGO with Costa!

Australia’s favourite TV gardener, Costa Georgiadis, endorsed the Council’s FOGO initiative as a logical step in preserving our area’s unique environment.

Public Holiday Collections Schedules

Waste, recycling and FOGO collections will be consistent throughout the year. The only exception is if a collection is scheduled on one of the following public holidays:

  • Good Friday
  • Anzac Day
  • Christmas Day

Any changes to collection schedules will be communicated to households in advanced, along with information about an alternative collection day. 

The Council’s Latest News section on the website, service app Antenno and Facebook page are the best ways to stay across any future changes. In some instances, we will also communicate changes to collection schedules in the The Advocate newspaper.

If you have any questions, please contact the Council on 03 6429 8100 or email admin@centralcoast.tas.gov.au.