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Penguin Recreation Ground

New way forward for former Penguin Recreation Ground

The former Penguin Recreation Ground is comprised of two parcels of land being Title 156425/1 (app. 2.079ha) and a very small slither of land in the northern portion of the oval, adjacent to 2 Braddon Street and 9 and 11 Crescent Street. Title 156425/1 was previously made available by the Crown to the Council, on the condition that it be used for recreation purposes. As formal recreation use has ceased, Council was obliged to return Title 156425/1 to the Crown and will transfer the adjoining small slither also.

Homes Tasmania, the Tasmanian Government’s statutory housing authority, intends to develop the land and has undertaken site investigations to support rezoning the land. This included assessment of the site for planning considerations including housing yield, bushfire management, natural values and traffic considerations.

Homes Tasmania has drafted an indicative masterplan for the site based on current research for housing demand with consideration of Council’s 2021 Penguin CBD Masterplan consultation, and with further input from the Council. Homes Tasmania will undertake its own community consultation, commencing July 2024. Further information is available on their website.

During 2024-25 financial year, Council will be reviewing and prioritising other initiatives identified in the Penguin CDB Masterplan.


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