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Action Plan

The Action Plan has been co-designed by the Working Group and is guided by the Framework’s five principles:

  1. People living with dementia are valued and respected members of the Central Coast community;
  2. Creating a dementia-friendly Central Coast is everybody’s business;
  3. Places, businesses and services are welcoming and enabling for people living with dementia;
  4. Community decisions response to the needs and aspirations of people with dementia and their carers; and
  5. Becoming a dementia-friendly Central Coast is a continuous process.

Ten priority ideas/actions emerging from a ’roundtable’ meeting of the Working Group held on Wednesday, 13 September 2017 are included.

The project has been supported by a Liveable Communities Program Grant from the Department of Premier and Cabinet’s Sport, Recreation and Communities Division.  Funding will enable project teams to develop a creative arts program and development of a memory cafe called the Connect Café to be delivered in June 2018.


By working collaboratively to reduce the negative social impacts of dementia, we will make the Central Coast a safer, more supportive and vibrant community for everyone.