At the Council meeting held on Monday, 18 March 2024, it was resolved to commence the statutory process to dispose of some vacant Public Land parcels owned by the community.

As community needs are dynamic and can change over time, our council must always be vigilant in ensuring it is getting the best value from our money — it is the community’s money, after all. As such, we need to approach managing community-owned assets with extra care and consideration by ensuring money is well spent and meets the community’s needs.

As part of our asset management activities, we are reviewing the vacant land portfolio.  Stage 1 of the review has identified six parcels that aren’t considered to provide community benefit to justify continued Council ownership.

Parcels Council is considering disposing of

Stage 1 of Council’s vacant land review has identified that the following parcels are not required for future local open spaces:

Our team has assessed each parcel of vacant land, considering its location, strategic importance, maintenance costs, natural and cultural values, planning requirements and impacts on demand for open space.

Open space is considered to be well distributed throughout the municipal area, with most areas within 400m of where people live. However, some areas could be better serviced.  Any proceeds from the disposal of these parcels of land will help us achieve consistency across the municipal area and can be used to improve other open spaces, such as renewing and upgrading playground equipment.

There are also maintenance costs involved in holding onto assets such as land.


It is difficult to know the true value of the land to the surrounding community without a consultation process. The community’s views are an essential part of the decision-making process. Therefore, Council will carefully consider all feedback before making a decision. 

If you wish to provide feedback, please submit this to Council before 4.00pm, Friday 26 April 2024.

The time period has been extended for those wishing to submit feedback on Ashwater Crescent, Penguin. The community will now have until 4:00pm, 3 May 2024, to make a submission.

You may provide feedback through either of the following methods.

Written Submission

If you wish to provide a written submission, you can either drop this into the Council Administration Centre, or post it to:

Central Coast Council,

PO Box 220, Ulverstone,

TAS, 7315 

Please reference ‘Submission to Public Land Disposal’. 


If you wish to email your submission, please send this to: and include ‘Submission to Public Land Disposal’ in the subject line. 

If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback, please contact Samantha Searle on or email

What’s next in the process?

The statutory land disposal process is the first step of several before the land can be disposed of. The outcome of the public land disposal process will inform the Council’s decision of whether to dispose of the land or not.