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Mayoral Minutes are videos featuring Central Coast Council’s Mayor, Jan Bonde and messages from our local Chamber of Commerce.  The videos hope to provide Central Coast residents with a snapshot in time, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic.  Key messages of the videos include kindness and hope to help support and inform the Central Coast community, including local businesses, at this uncertain time.

The Council’s goal is to save lives and return to life as we knew it as soon as possible.  Council, nor any level of Government can achieve this alone.  The communities collective efforts will be needed to achieve this goal, only together we can help our local economies and prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the community.  Thank you for your understanding, support and kindness Central Coast!



Make Your Money Go Around The Town


Make Your Money Go Around The Town


Love The Town Your Are In? Shop Local


Love The Town Your Are In? Shop Local & Do A Happy Dance!


27 April 2020 – Council Caring For Our Community


9 April 2020 – Mayoral Easter Message