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Get Involved

The Council would like to thank those members of the community for their input to the Dial Regional Sports Complex Development Project.  The opportunity for input has now passed with the commencement of construction.


A number of Fact Sheets were developed to inform the community about different aspects of what is a complex and technical project. A Project Update Brochure and a Frequently Asked Questions sheet were also been developed. Hard copy versions were available at the static displays and at different locations around Penguin.

Click here to see these and other Fact Sheets available.


If you have a query or information to submit to the Project Team you can direct these through the project email: dialsportscomplex@centralcoast.tas.gov.au


The Project Manager is Greg Osborne, the Council’s Assets & Facilities Group Leader.

Phone: (03) 6429 8976.

Email: dialsportscomplex@centralcoast.tas.gov.au

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