We are very saddened by the continued and deliberate poisoning of public trees in Penguin.  Trees in the areas of Hiscutt Park and Johnsons Beach Skate Park have been targeted with obvious signs of vandalism.  These beautiful trees are a valuable community asset, and deliberate vandalism of them impacts on the wider Penguin community.

A total of eleven (11) trees have been identified, and the evidence is very clear how they were targeted.  It is not OK or acceptable for anyone to think they have the right to kill public trees.  This behaviour goes against the spirit of community that is so evident in Penguin.

This behaviour is disappointing as it means more money, more expense that ratepayers have to shoulder in order to replace and care for the damaged trees.

As a result of the vandalism, new signage is being installed in areas impacted to inform the community about the wilful damage and to act as a deterrent to future incidents.

We are calling on the community of Penguin to please keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour and notify the Council or Tasmania Police of any vandalism that you witness and/or suspect.  Please help us to protect your beautiful trees!