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Turners Beach Local Area Plan

According to the Turners Beach Community Plan which was adopted by the Central Coast Council in 2007:

“Tuners Beach has its own look, feel and character that needs to be preserved and managed. Lack of respect for the environment, and development not sensitive to the area will destroy the very essence of what is special about Turners Beach.”

Turners Beach – Local Area Plan

The Council is committed to guiding future development in Turners Beach to preserve the area’s character through the facilitation of sensitive urban design. The objective of this Local Area Plan is to provide a set of actions and urban design guidelines to preserve the character of Turners Beach and inform issues such as:

  • The longer term future role and size of Turners Beach;
  • Identifying the extent of the urban boundaries and location of staged growth areas;
  • Identifying assets and values of the area to be retained and enhanced;
  • A precinct plan for the community hall/recreation ground precinct [including the lawn bowling facility, Turners Beach hall, tennis courts (etc)];
  • Mitigating or adapting to the hazards affecting the area, including flooding and climate change related impacts;
  • Natural Resource Management/Coastal Management issues;
  • Incorporation of the Turners Beach Vegetation & Fire Management Plan;
  • Incorporation of the Council’s Open Space and Recreation Strategy;
  • Identifying any traffic management, infrastructure or parking needs; and
  • Investigating a service road between Turners Beach and Ulverstone.