The Penguin Playground will be closed during the weekend to allow for concrete to dry following stage one of the shade sail installation commencing. We hope to re-open the playground on Monday, 4 March 2024.

Stage 1 

Stage 1 of the shade sail installation commenced today at Penguin Playground. This included putting the poles into position and the next step will be waiting for the concrete to set.

Stage 2 

The next stage is having the shade sail upholstered, which needs to be done to the exact specifications of the shade poles once in place. We are looking at 3-4 weeks for the completion of this project. However, the playground will be open after Monday.
We know the new shade sail will be worth the wait, but apologies to any families who were hoping to visit the playground over the weekend.
Hopefully, you will be able to enjoy one of our other fantastic Central Coast playgrounds instead.