In December 2015, the Tasmanian Parliament enacted amendments to the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993 (the Act), providing for a single planning scheme for Tasmania, known as the Tasmanian Planning Scheme.

The Tasmanian Planning Scheme consists of State Planning Provisions (SPPs), and each Local Government Area is to add their zones and site specific standards to the Tasmanian Planning Scheme – this is termed a Local Provisions Schedules (LPS).

The Council has been undertaking this process for the Central Coast, with a draft Central Coast Local Provisions Schedule (LPS) being examined by the Tasmanian Planning Commission (the Commission).

The Commission has notified the planning authority (the Council) that the Central Coast LPS is now approved, and a notice of the approval will be published in the Gazette on 27 October 2021.

The LPS will come into effect on 27 October 2021, and will form part of our new planning scheme, called the Tasmanian Planning Scheme – Central Coast.

A copy of the LPS can be viewed at the Council offices, located at 19 King Edwards Street, Ulverstone.

After 27 October 2021, the Tasmanian Planning Scheme – Central Coast will become available on the Commission’s website at and associated maps and overlays may be viewed at