Since the last update in July, the upgrades to the storm water system have been completed on the southern side of Preservation Drive between Overall Street and the Highway Halt business.  Kerb has also been laid on the southern side of the road and the new concrete path will be poured in the coming weeks.  Contractors are working closely with the business to ensure minimal disruption to customers.



The path along Preservation Bay and Midway Beach has been completed.  Path with kerb has been installed in locations where the road is too narrow to allow for user separation using the white delineators.  In areas where there is sufficient room to provide for user separation from road, traffic white delineators have been used.




The new pedestrian crossing has been asphalted opposite 126 Preservation Drive.  The shared pathway will match into this on the southern side, as work on the path is completed.  The northern side access to the beach will be completed by TasRail in the coming months.  TasRail are working closely with Birdlife Tasmania to ensure that the design is the most appropriate for the location and construction occurs when the least amount of disruption will be felt by the penguin population.

Work is still ongoing along Hogarth Road and on the eastern end of the section at the skate park.

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Sulphur Creek to Penguin Shared Pathway