The road widening between Penguin and the Penguin Surf Life Saving Club has been asphalted and this portion of the project is now completed.  These works provide a distance 1.2km of road, which has been widened and sealed.  This is to enable realignment of the road to the south, providing room for the path to be constructed on the northern side of the road.

Line marking and a guardrail has also been installed along the widened section of the road.  The guardrail provides user separation between the pathway and road traffic in this area and creates additional safety for pathway users.  Fencing is being installed along this section to prevent pedestrian access to the railway track and as a safety mitigation measure due to its steep drop off proximity.

The pathway formation has been completed from Penguin to just west of the Penguin Surf Life Saving Club.  This section includes existing asphalted sections to the northern side of the Penguin Surf Life Saving Club.  The installation of culverts joining existing storm water pipes under the road to existing storm water pipes under the rail has provided an upgrade to the existing storm water infrastructure in this area.

The formation of the pathway has started along the western end of Preservation Beach and at Midway Point, towards the access to Midway Beach.


Work will continue in the coming weeks with construction on the southern side of Preservation Drive and Hogart Road.

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Sulphur Creek to Penguin Shared Pathway