Last month, interested skate park users gathered at the Ulverstone Surf club to shared possible ideas for the redevelopment of the Ulverstone Skate Park. Due to the age of the park and the general evolvement of skate parks to now be used by scooters and BMX riders, the Central Coast Council has prioritised the redevelopment of the Ulverstone Skate Park.

Experienced skate park designer Simon Williams from Concrete Dreams has been engaged by the Council to consult with users, and develop a proposal that explores options for the Ulverstone Skate Park.

Similar to the involvement and community support for the Pump n Pump track, the redevelopment of the Ulverstone Skate Park has to date received extensive positive and constructive feedback that has shaped a draft design. The draft design is out for further comment before a detailed drawing and specification is developed.

Click on the green button to see the Ulverstone Skate Park draft design. Feedback will be received until 26 November.
Draft Design

For further information or to provide feedback, please contact Melissa Budgeon, Community Wellbeing Officer by email at: