The Council’s planning staff are to undertake a review of the Revell Lane Specific Area Plan (Revell Lane SAP).   The SAP applies to that area of Revell Lane, Penguin that is zoned “Rural Living” and forms part of the Tasmanian Planning Scheme – Central Coast

Specific Area Plan Rural Living Zone Provisions

The SAP was originally devised as a means of managing land that has Medium landslip characteristics. 

However, with the recent implementation of the Tasmanian Planning Scheme – Central Coast, works on Medium or Low landslip land are now assessed against a Landslip Hazard Code.  Further, the construction of a building in a landslip area is no longer assessed by planning.  Assessment is undertaken at the time of construction, under the Building Act 2016.

This means that the Revell Lane SAP is no longer required for its original planning purpose and it is an additional layer of regulation over land in Revell Lane.

The SAP also applies different uses that can occur on the land; distinct and overriding those that apply under the Rural Living zone.

If the majority of the Revell Lane community is supportive of change, the Council can apply to the Tasmanian Planning Commission to have the SAP removed from the Revell Lane area.   

A survey has been sent to property owners/occupiers to help staff understand if the SAP is still required.

If you wish to discuss the Revell Lane SAP with the Council’s Planning staff, please do not hesitate to contact the Council on (03) 6429 8951, to arrange a time to meet and discuss the future of the area.