The Council Waste Management Collection Service operates with Council supplied mobile garbage bins. These are the only bins that the collection contractor is required to empty.

The standard Council waste bin originally provided to households was a 120 litre size, with a slightly larger 140 litre size available for larger family configurations. No other waste bin sizes are provided by the Council. If approved, there is no charge for an upgrade of your waste bin to the 140 litre size.

Click on the green button to download a Request to change Waste Wheelie Bin Size Form

Form - Request to Change Waste Wheelie Bin Size

Completed forms will need to be submitted to the Council in order for your request to be considered. Note, your property may already have been allocated the larger 140 litre bin – please check the rim of your existing waste bin prior to submitting this form.  Please also note that a larger bin will not be approved solely on the basis of fortnightly collection.

Forms can be submitted by email to: