You heard it right! The Central Coast Council is thrilled to announce that we will be reopening two much-loved items of play equipment in Ulverstone’s Anzac Park shortly. 

The extended closure of the launchpad slide and net climber was due to vandalism. Council then had to await an insurance process to be completed, followed the arrival of replacement parts, equipment and contractor availability. For more information on the different incidents of vandalism and costs associated, take a look at our recent media release.

However, we are thrilled to announce that the wait is almost over – with the new net climber will be installed Friday, 16 February 2024 and Council’s contractor is also laying the soft fall under the launch pad slide the same week.

Net climber installed on 16 February 2024

The replacement net climber requires a crane to be installed, which has been scheduled for Friday, 16 February 2023.  We encourage the community to steer clear of the area while this is happening. Once it is in place, safety checks will be required to ensure it is up to standards and ready for use. After the new net climber has been cleared by our team, it will be ready to use. 

Replacement Soft fall being laid on 15 & 16 February 2024 

Council’s contractor is also currently laying the new soft fall under the launch pad slide. As you will see, we have chosen a vibrant shade of purple.  Once the soft fall has been laid, it then requires a few days to set.  Following this process, some repairs will be done to the slide, which was also damaged.

As you will also see, around the launchpad slide is in desperate need of a haircut – this maintenance and the removal of fencing will follow the final repairs.  We anticipate that the launchpad slide will be ready for takeoff by the middle of next week!

Tire swing to be confirmed 

Prior to Christmas 2023, the tire swing was also damaged in another act of vandalism, leading to its removal. Our team are still working through the details and will provide more information to the community soon.


We sincerely thank the community for their patience and understanding while Council staff have worked through this process.