WHAT: The Central Coast Youth Leaders Council are excited to host the ‘Pledge for a Plunge’ event to support the FightMND 27 Challenge.

WHEN: Friday 27 November between 10am and 12pm and public member plunges between 12pm and 5pm.

WHERE/HOW: The Youth Leaders would love to see as people all dressed up, ready to take the plunge (or dive) into the pool at the Ulverstone Waterslide on Beach Road! This is a live-streamed event.


In the challenging times of 2020, the FightMND 27Challenge will bring the FightMND army together physically and virtually to raise awareness for the important MND cause.  When someone is diagnosed with MND, sadly the average life expectancy is just 27 months from diagnosis.

Our four local secondary schools have nominated teachers and students and here is a little bit of goss! –  Ulverstone Secondary School Principal, Glenn is a good sort and will take the challenge for a donation of $2,500. The school is working really hard for everyone to see the thrill of the chill as Glenn takes on the challenge! They have even managed to secure our Council’s General Manager, Sandra, (who’s also a good sort) to take the challenge along with local MP, Felix Ellis.

Why not wear a t-shirt or cap and promote your brand (a business, sporting group or club etc.) and help raise awareness for MND – this community event will be live streamed to the world via social media and the web (promotion and community awareness, hand in hand!).

Let’s all take on the ‘Pledge for a Plunge’ MND challenge and showcase some great Central Coast community spirit to the world! For more information, click on the green button to lend your support:

 Pledge for a Plunge – FightMND

For more information, click on the green button and visit the Facebook page:

 Pledge for a Plunge – Facebook Page