Council has come a long way since breaking ground on the Penguin Playground site. However, we aren’t quite done yet. Before we can open this lovely new area, we have some final finishing touches to ensure the playground is safe and ready for the community to enjoy for many years to come. 


  • The structural play equipment has gone in and the sub-base for the rubber soft fall was done at the same time.
  • The rubber soft fall and topcoat was next, followed by the sand.
  • The soft fall and play structures were then allowed to settle, followed by safety testing.


  • Now the settling in process is complete, Council will undertake any necessary adjustments to the equipment in order to ensure it is properly levelled and safe for use. This is then followed by the final fixings.
  • The fence is also underway and the natural play elements will be next.


  • Council will undertake the landscaping in Autumn, which is a more desirable time for plant growth.

NOTE: The community will have access to the playground prior to landscaping. Council anticipates completion of the structural and safety elements of the Penguin Playground will be complete prior to Christmas.

Of course, we will keep you all updated if there are any changes. Stay tuned Penguin and get ready to play!