During the first week of October 2022, the Council’s Open Space and Parks Officer ran a fun Penguin Palace workshop during the holiday program at Hive.  The workshop was a hit with older residents and our youth alike.  Breeding boxes for local Little Penguin colonies were made by the Ulverstone Men’s Shed.  Workshop participants then busily decorated penguin box exteriors and, wow, did they let their imaginations run wild!  Paint and laughter were liberally applied and fun facts about our Little Penguins were shared as the afternoon rolled on.  Everyone had a hoot and left with a new appreciation of our little friends and some of the struggles they face.


Did you know that Little Penguins poop glitter ??   
Thanks to their fishy diets, the thousands of undigested scales make penguin poop shiny and sparkly (and you thought unicorns were special!)

In the coming weeks, the breeding boxes will be strategically placed along Central Coast’s known Little Penguin colonies.  Breeding boxes are used to augment breeding habitat in areas under rehabilitation and have been well utilised by the local colonies in the past.

Congratulation to all the participants of the workshop at Hive. The breeding boxes are now palaces indeed!  Let’s hope the penguins don’t come to fisticuffs (or should that be fistiflips?) when choosing which one to occupy!  Stay posted to see some of the boxes in their new sites…