We are pleased to announce the imminent start of the new playground installation on our beloved Penguin Foreshore.  Contractors will begin ground works this coming week and we are itching to get it started.  In keeping with the ship theme, the playground will be topped with an eye-catching mast and sail to provide much needed shade.  We have been provided with an artist’s impression of the sail and play space that we are proud to show you (see picture below).

In addition to the playground, we are working with Northwest Tasmanian artist Gary Cole and Urban Discovery to bring life to the space around the playground.  Gary is taking inspiration from the local environment, and with input from the local children, creating a public art piece that will give additional interactive play opportunities for everyone to enjoy.  Landscaping will support the sculptural play and bring to life the playground elements in a soft and cohesive manner.

We know you are all interested and excited to see what we are getting up to behind all the fencing, but please remember that this area is a construction site.  We are happy for you to look, but for your own safety please remain outside the fence.

A playground fence will also be installed, but is not currently pictured.