It is with a heavy heart that we announce the early closure of the Penguin Foreshore Playground.

It was our intention to keep the space open until the new playground was finished and certified, however, as work progresses on the new pathway the works crew will be requiring unhindered access to that area.  With lots of trucks and heavy equipment coming and going, we are not willing to put our community at risk as they try to use this space.

This means that unfortunately we will close the entire playground, and no access to the site will be permitted until it is removed and the pathway is complete.  We love providing you with safe and fun places for your children to play, and we are sad to say goodbye to this space earlier than we planned.  And with a view like this, who wouldn’t love to soak up view while having a swing?

However, please stay tuned for the new playground.  We are very keen to get cracking on installing the equipment and we hope you will be just as excited as we are by the new design.

In the meantime – don’t forget that just around the corner is Hiscutt Park.  With larger play opportunities for all ages and kick around space, this playground is sure to meet your needs.  Take a picnic and soak up the atmosphere produced by the babbling creek as it meanders along.

There is also Johnsons Beach playground just up the road.  There is a skate park as well as play equipment for the younger player.  Try out the new BBQ facilities and pop on a snag or two… or go vego if that’s your thing.  The new free BBQ is wheelchair accessible too, so everyone can be a master chef.