The Penguin Dog Park is set to have an upgrade with the inclusion of a new agility course.  The course will offer dogs the chance to challenge their skills and add another element of play to the well-used area.  It is proposed that the agility course be situated in the south-east corner of the park.

Also to be installed is a new entranceway that should provide patrons with a safer and easier in/out experience.  The new entranceway will be designed to have double gate system similar to an “air lock”.  Entry will be through a single gate fitted with a child-proof latch into an antechamber where leashes can be removed before exiting through another single gate into the dog park.  Exiting will be reverse through the same system.  It is proposed that the newly design entranceway be installed off the western entrance in replacement of the current single gate entrance.  The single gate entrance off the north-east fence will be locked to prevent further use.

A new water trough and automatic off valve will also be stationed in the shade off the northern fence.

Please see map below for location references.

Further information can be obtained from the Council’s Open Space & Parks Officer by calling the Infrastructure Services Department on tel. 6429 8970 or email