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Opt-In Wellbeing

The Opt-in wellbeing – the Central Coast way program, evolves around the key themes of physical activity, nutrition and social inclusion. The annual program will feature a range of sporting, recreation, social and lifestyle activities.

Central Coast and North West Tasmania generally has a high incidence of preventable chronic health problems. Despite the good intentions of many, the problem is becoming worse.

Central Coast Council believes that a way forward is to mobilise and support the community to take more collective and individual responsibility for our own health and wellbeing. The Council, through the Opt-In brand, along with the support of some key community and health promotion groups and the private sector, will continue to encourage and promote, a healthier, happier, active, more informed, and socially inclusive community.

The program will build on significant, existing, local community capacity to improve health and wellbeing outcomes. The Heart Foundation, Cancer Council, and Life. Be In It. are some of the health promotion partners that Council will collaborate with, to gain better health outcomes for this community.

The Council will act as facilitator to coordinate and align the efforts and resources of our program partners and community groups. This collaborative approach will help all of the groups to achieve their respective strategies through collective, targeted actions.

The ‘Opt-in – Wellbeing the Central Coast Way’ program is based on the key themes of physical activity, nutrition and social inclusion.