The agritourism Masterclass Program is for existing operators seeking to innovate and refresh.  Every locality and agritourism business is different. In many cases, a fresh set of eyes, a little strategic intervention, and maybe external expertise are all that it takes to maximise opportunities. The Masterclass Program will provide participants with an opportunity to review and refresh their agritourism product or experience.  This program is a limited opportunity.


For more information on the Agritourism Masterclass Program go to the Opening the Gate, visit the website by clicking on the green button below:

Agritourism Masterclass Program
  • If you are a farmer or food producer not currently operating an agritourism business, the Business Development Program is for you. For more information, please visit
  • To learn more, please contact Allison Clark from Optimum Standard by email or phone 408 146 750

 To download the Agritourism Masterclass Program Flyer, click on the grey button: Agritourism Masterclass Program Flyer