Council recently had some new basketball rings installed at the Ulverstone Sports & Leisure Centre in Stadium 2 – home court of the Red Hopper Basketball Club.

These new basketball rings are a fantastic addition to the centre and will enhance the community’s experience when using the facility. 

The basketball rings were installed by a company called Ringleader, who are one of the leading basketball backboard and ring manufacturers in Australia.

About the basketball rings: 

  • The backboards meet FIBA regulations and retract to the roof of the centre, leaving the court free from obstruction.
  • The height of the basketball rings is adjustable, with a clear vision glass backboard and no structural obstruction behind the glass.
  • They are quick and easy to use, with a latch for senior/junior height adjustments.
  • The system allows for almost full automation.

Community benefits so far:

  •  The Ulverstone Basketball Association will now have access to the six basketball rings for their basketball training sessions.
  • Junior mini ball games can be set-up within 30 seconds and therefore two games can be played at the same time.
  • Basketball Tasmania will conduct their weekly High Performance Basketball Training at the Stadium, as well as a number of State Team Training Camps.
  • Netball and Badminton can also benefit due to the rings being retractable and Stadium 2 becoming a multi-purpose space.

The Ulverstone Sports & Leisure Centre truly is a state-of-the-art sports precinct, and Council is excited to see the space evolve and continue to be used by the community.