Tasmania’s Central Coast revealed as a hotspot for future development at Property Industry Roundtable

On Tuesday 28th November, Tasmania’s Central Coast Council (CCC) welcomed local property industry professionals to a Property Industry Roundtable discussion at Ulverstone Sports and Leisure Centre. The event was hosted by Council’s Mayor Cheryl Fuller, General Manager Barry Omundson, Councillors, and staff. 

It welcomed over 30 property developers, real estate agents and builders from across the local area, intrastate and interstate, including Knight Frank, Fairbrother, JAC Group, and many more.

“It was fantastic to see so many knowledgeable professionals with a passionate interest in our part of the state. We welcome future development interest, as we all know that this greatly benefits the community, especially when done with a thoughtful, sustainable, and strategic lens” said Mayor Cheryl Fuller.

Council staff outlined recent process improvements aimed at making it easier for people to undertake sustainable development and our focus on the customer experience.

Attendees were invited to share their ideas about how Council could further support sustainable development in Central Coast. Key themes to emerge from the discussion included the need for Council to encourage higher density development to improve housing affordability, the importance of community engagement and Council’s role in advocacy to other bodies such as the Tasmanian Planning Commission and TasWater.

“For the past three years, Central Coast has received well over 300 development applications per year, more than either of our neighbouring councils, and this week’s roundtable reinforced that this strong interest isn’t waning.” said Council’s Director Community, Growth and Development, Daryl Connelly.

“There is a lot to be gained from us working collaboratively and strategically with industry, to meet the region’s growing need for residential, commercial and industrial land, while at the same time ensuring we retain the lifestyle and environment that Central Coast is renowned for.” he said.

With community and stakeholder consultation being a vital part of CCC’s focus moving forward, the Property Industry Roundtable discussion has provided Council with a deeper level of understanding to inform its strategic decision-making in the development space moving forward.