From July 2024, the entire municipal area will move to the same fortnightly collection schedule. This will mean that:

  • Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) bins will be collected one week.
  • General Waste and Recycling bins will be collected the alternate week of the fortnight.

Residents impacted by the change will receive a transition calendar in the mail that outlines these changes. The affected areas are in Zone One and include Penguin, West Ulverstone, Howth, Sulphur Creek, Turners Beach and most of Ulverstone.

Residents who already have their Recycling bins collected on the same day as their General Waste bins (Zone Two) will have no changes to their schedule.

To reduce any inconvenience to services, an additional Recycling collection will occur for affected areas on the week commencing 24 June 2024.

For more information, contact the North West Resource Recovery and Recycling hotline via email or call (03) 6427 4646.

You can also check out your upcoming kerbside collection schedules be clicking below. 

Interactive Map

Key Dates

  • Week commencing 24 June 2024 – additional Recycling collection will occur for those affected by the schedule changes. This will take place on the same day General Waste is collected. 
  • July 2024 – entire municipal area will start having their Recycling bins collected on the same day as General Waste bins, and FOGO will start being collected on its own. 

Why is this happening? 

This change to the Kerbside Collection Schedule is due to our Council joining the North West Resource Recovery & Recycling (NWRRR) group, to align with other neighbouring Council’s who are now introducing FOGO. 

The state waste levies mean the cost of using landfill is increasing. By using our recycling and FOGO bins correctly, we can achieve substantial cost savings for Councils and residents across the region.

To learn more about the NWRRR, click here. 

We would like to thank the community members impacted by these changes for their cooperation and understanding, and look forward to working alongside our neighbours to divert more waste from entering landfill. 

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