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Forth LAP Urban Design Guidelines

The Forth Local Area Plan provides urban design guidelines to retain Forth’s village atmosphere and consider issues such as:

  • The longer term future role and size of Forth;
  • Identifying the extent of the urban boundaries and location of staged growth areas (incorporating the capacity of the existing zoning and development rates);
  • Identifying and prioritising assets and values of the area to be retained and enhanced;
  • Identifying and addressing hazards affecting the area, including flooding and climate change;
  • Identifying sewerage and water servicing capacity constraints;
  • Defining future growth areas (including the for any commercial growth);
  • Identifying residential development provisions such as housing density and minimum lot sizes ;
  • Retention and enhancement of heritage values;
  • Incorporation of the Council’s Open Space and Recreation Strategy; and
  • Traffic management, infrastructure or parking needs.

Forth Urban Design Guidelines