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Energy Efficient Urban Design

We tend to take energy for granted, expecting light or hot water at the flick of a switch. Most people only think about energy when we receive our power bill. In this day and age of power price ienergy once ncreases, using less is even more important in order to see a difference in your power bill.

By improving energy efficiency in your home you can save money, keep warmer, and improve air quality in our community.

But there are also lots of things you can do in your home to save energy and to keep warm. Take a look at some of our links below:

Dwelling Construction & Renovation

The Australian Government has produced “Your Home” (http://www.yourhome.gov.au/) which is a suite of consumer and technical guide materials and tools developed to encourage the design, construction or renovation of homes to be comfortable, healthy and more environmentally sustainable.

The (http://www.yourhome.gov.au/technical/index.html) gives you the information you need to design and build a more comfortable home that is less expensive to run while more environmentally friendly. Written by designers and builders, for designers and builders, it is the definitive tool for creating a home that is enjoyable to live in, cost effective and environmentally sensitive.

The ( http://www.yourhome.gov.au/renovatorsguide/index.html ) will take you through the process of renovating your home step-by-step, explaining what to look for and the important questions to ask.

Greensmart Housing

The HIA* has produced a guidance booklet to provide information on how to use GreenSmart principles to help design and build environmentally friendly, comfortable and cost efficient homes. This booklet includes references to the ‘Your Home Technical Manual’ which is the basis of HIA GreenSmart professional training:


*The Housing Industry Association (HIA) is Australia’s largest residential building organisation. Members include builders, trade contractors, design professionals, kitchen and bathroom specialists, manufacturers and suppliers.