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Draft Central Coast LPS

Tasmanian Planning Scheme – Substantially modified part of Draft Central Coast Local Provisions Schedule (Draft LPS)

Tasmanian Planning Scheme changes for Central Coast – August 2021

Following formal advice from the Tasmanian Planning Commission (the Commission), the Central Coast Interim Planning Scheme 2013 will be replaced with the Tasmanian Planning Scheme – Central Coast on the Commission’s web site.  Zone maps will become available on the Land Information System of Tasmania (the LIST).

A copy of the Tasmanian Planning Scheme is available on the Commission’s web site, if you wish to understand the new standards that now apply to land use and development in Central Coast:

Tasmanian Planning Commission - Website



The Tasmanian Planning Scheme will apply across the whole of the State. It will replace the current planning scheme’s that operate in each Council area. The Intent of the Tasmanian Planning Scheme (TPS) is to achieve, as much as possible, consistency in the way planning rules are applied across the State.
The State Planning Provisions (SPP’s) were made (approved) by the Minster in February 2017. The SPP’s set out the way a Planning Scheme operates, the zones that can apply to land; for example Rural Zone, Agriculture Zone, General Residential zone; and the planning rules for use and development within each zone.

The SPPs are available below:
State Planning Provisions

A Fact Sheet outlining the structure and process of the TPS is available below: 
Fact Sheet – TPS Structure and Process


Copy of Report

Copy of Annexures 1, 2 & 3

Local Provisions Schedule – June 2019

The TPS is made up of both the State Planning Provisions (SPPs) and the Local Provisions Schedule (LPS) that is relevant to each municipal area.
The Draft Central Coast LPS is made up of:

  • Zone Maps;
  • Code Overlay Maps;
  • Local Area Objectives;
  • Specific Area Plans; and
  • Site Specific Qualifications.

The written standards of the Draft Central Coast LPS (the rules for use and development) are available below:
Draft Central Coast LPS

The written provisions are primarily related to Specific Area Plans are available below:

Specific Area Plan

Leith Specific Area Plan

The associated PDF maps are available below:
Zone Maps 

The associated Code Overlay Maps are available below and consist of these maps:

Combined Code Overlay Maps

The Forth River Flooding Report and the Forth River Flooding Addendum are available below:


The Draft Central Coast LPS is supported by a Planning Report is available below:

Planning Report
Planning Report – Appendix A 

The Draft Central Coast LPS includes provisions that are currently operating under the Central Coast Interim Planning Scheme 2013.  The transition of these provisions into the Draft Central Coast LPS has been approved by the Minister for Planning and must be included in the Draft Central Coast LPS.
The approved Transitional Provisions are available below:

Transitional Provisions