Construction on the railway crossing opposite 126 Preservation Drive, Sulphur Creek is to be undertaken from 16 June to 17 June 2022.  The beach access at this location is to be a temporary arrangement until links to the shared pathway and beach are finalised.  

Timing for the completion of the beach access side is to be confirmed and will be based on causing minimal disruption to the Little Penguin population.  BirdLife Tasmania has been engaged as a consultant representing the Little Penguins, to ensure the most appropriate design of the beach access and construction timing.

The community are requested to try and avoid the site while construction is underway.  Once the crossing is completed, to also exercise caution while accessing the beach on an uneven surface.

If you have any questions regarding this project, please contact the Council’s Infrastructure Services Department on tel. 6429 8970.

Railway Crossing | Preservation Drive, Sulphur Creek