Permits to hold a firework display have been issued by WorkSafe Tasmania. All fireworks displays must:

  • Start at 6pm or later, and finish by 10pm or earlier; and
  • Last for a maximum of 30 minutes or less.

We all love hearing and seeing fireworks lighting up the night sky but spare a thought for animals that may be in proximity. Most animals are not fan of fireworks, as the loud noises may cause panic and anxiety with a need to escape to find some place a little quieter to hide.

Some tips to help our furry friends on Cracker Night, before the noise begins:

  1. Make sure your dogs are wearing an id tag.
  2. Confine your pet to a quieter room in the house.
  3. Give your pets a treat, and a reassuring pat.

A list of all fireworks permits that have been issued can be found on the WorkSafe website:

WorkSafe Tasmania