17 February 2023

Mayor Cheryl Fuller and Senator Anne Urquhart hosted the official opening of the Riana Change room development on Friday 17 February 2023 at the Riana Community Centre where residents of Riana, South Riana, West Pine, Cuprona, Camena and surrounds enjoyed a morning tea and an informal chat on local issues.

Conversation talking points are below.

Grand stand – In very poor condition currently – of great value to the Riana community and is also a war memorial piece, need to preserve and honour history, plans for this going ahead. Schools are also utilizing on sports carnival days

Roadside mowing – Behind this year compared to previous years. Was explained that this is due to floods and season.

Pine Road – Condition, process for rectification explained.

Cricket Ground – Needs resurfacing – is going to talk to grants and gain a quote. Public liability issues – other teams threatened to sue. There is also a drainage issue on the ground a section in front of the grandstand. Club representatives undertook to provide Council with quotes.

Advisory Road signs – No longer reflective, poor condition and can barely be seen, reported approx. 18 months ago. Council will be undertaking an audit of road signs during the next twelve months to establish a replacement program. The signs mentioned will be passed to our Works Operations area for replacement.

Feral Cat Populations – Out of hand – one member of the public removed 80 cats from their property, another 15. A grant for a cat enclosure is currently in process. Cat traps being provided tor residents would be of great assistance.

Charges to use community venues – Many other venues along the coast are free of charge to sporting and community groups, is this something Council could look at. Also the fact that health and leisure facilities in Dorset are free for the community – can council have a conversation with Dorset Council and see how they do this.  Discussion was also had about that if Council looked at this, then the community as a whole would need to fund the loss of revenue which would be in the order of $200,000 (around a 2% rate increase on top of a normal increase in operational costs).

Edges of roads – Edges of regional and rural roads in very bad condition, edge drops quite large, damaged rims. Advised that the tractor rolling does not compact shoulder as well as the old rollers used to.   The comments have been noted and passed to Council’s Works Operations area for inclusion in annual shoulder maintenance program.

Recognition of former church adjacent to the clubrooms – Community members spoke to the Director Community Services about their plans to mark the location of the former church with a plaque affixed to a boulder. The Director Community Services advised that he couldn’t see any insurmountable Planning or other issues, and will be happy to assist further upon receipt of a written request and proposed wording.


We’d sincerely like to thank all of the community members who participated.