Drivers are advised that the Coles/Furner’s Car Park is now a Council-monitored two hour parking area and that vehicles identified as parking for longer than permitted by the sign [which is a contravention of the Tasmania Traffic (Road Rules) Regulations 1999] will in future incur an on the spot fine.  Drivers are asked to ensure that they pay heed to the signage and are not exceeding the time allowed in the regulated Parking Zone.

While parking is free in the Central Cost area, there are time limits in some central areas to maximise the opportunity for everyone to benefit from the free parking available in those areas.

Car parking areas which are not time limited are available in Ulverstone at the Wharf Car Park, the Quadrant and Railway Car Parks (off Victoria Street), Patrick Street Car Park, Victoria Street Car Park and Kings Parade Car Park for those visitors that want to stay longer than the two hours available in the car parks closest to the centre of town.