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Childcare Policies & Procedures

Policies and procedures are an important part of our Centre, and all education and care settings.  Policies and Procedures assist to meet the requirements under the National Quality Framework and to identify and minimise risks, enable consistent practice to support staff, families and children, provide information for families, support staff to understand their role and responsibilities in the service and to provide ongoing working documents to guide high-quality practice across all aspects of service provision.  Click on the green buttons in the section below to download documents.

Policies and Procedures

Acceptance and Refusal Authorisation Policy

Animal and Pet Care

Anti-Bias, Inclusion and Diversity

Behaviour Guidance - OSHC

Behaviour Guidance Policy - UCCC

CCS Notification Policy

CCS Personnel Policy

Child Protection

Child Safe Environment

Cleaning Policy

Clothing Policy

Code of Conduct

Continuous Quality Improvement

Delivery and Collection of Children

Educational Program Policy

Emergency Situations, Incl. Evacuation and Lockdown Procedures incl. OSHC

Enrolment, Orientation and Induction

Environment and Sustainability Strategy OSHC

Environment and Sustainability Policy – UCCC

Excursion Policy

First Aid Policy

Governance and Management

Grievances / Disputes

Head Lice

Hygiene Policy

Immunisation Policy

Incident, Injury, Trauma and Illness Policy

Infectious Diseases Policy

Interactions with Children and Families

Managing a Medical Condition Procedure

Medical Communication Plan

Medical Conditions Policy

Medical Risk Minimisation Plan

Medication Policy - Incl. Authorisation to Self-Administer Medication – OSHC

Nutrition and Food Safety Policy - OSHC

Nutrition and Food Safety Policy - UCCC

OSHC - Administration Policy

OSHC – Managing Younger Children in Care

OSHC - Opening and Closing and Preparing for the Day

OSHC - Staffing Policy

OSHC - Technology Policy

Parental Access and Involvement

Payment of Fees and Provision of a Statement

Personal Hygiene for Children


Physical Activity and Screen Time Policy

Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

Record Keeping and Retention Policy

Responsible Person – Offer and Acceptance / After School Care (Incl. Walking)

Responsible Person

Risk Assessment and Authority for Transporting Children (BSC and ASC)

Safe Transportation Policy

Sleep and Rest

Student / Volunteer Induction Checklist

Student and Volunteer Policy

Sun Protection Policy

Supervision Plan OSHC

Supervision Plan UCCC

Supervision Policy (inc Supervision Plans)

Telephone and Communication Equipment

Transport Pick-Up / Drop-Off Checklist

Vehicle / Bus Transport Procedure

Water Safety

Workplace Health and Safety – Fitness for Work